Jette Oddershede

Ph.D. student

Department of Chemistry
Technical University of Denmark
DK-2800 Lyngby

Telephone (+45) 4525 2026

Maternity leave Nov. 2004 - Aug. 2005 and Feb. 2006 - Jan. 2007.


X-ray characterization of nano-structured materials, especially effects of particle size and defects.


2000 B.Sc., Chemistry and Mathematics, University of Copenhagen.
2002 M.Sc., Structural Chemistry, University of Copenhagen.


Diastereomeric salts of lactic acid and 1-phenyl-ethylamine, their structures and relative stabilities.
Annette Langkilde, Jette Oddershede and Sine Larsen.
Acta Cryst. B58 (2002), 1044-1050. get article

Relations between 77Se NMR chemical shifts of (phenylseleno)benzenes and their molecular structures derived from nine X-ray crystal structures.
Jette Oddershede, Lars Henriksen and Sine Larsen.
Org. Biomol. Chem. 1(6) (2003), 1053-1060.

Charge Density Study of Naphthalene Based on X-ray Diffraction Data at Four Different Temperatures and Theoretical Calculations.
Jette Oddershede and Sine Larsen.
J. Phys. Chem. A 108(6) (2004), 1057-1063.

Strontium D-glutamate hexahydrate and strontium di(hydrogen L-glutamate) pentahydrate.
S. Christgau, J. Oddershede, K. Stahl and J. E. T. Andersen.
Acta Cryst. C61 (2005), m259-m262. get article

On the determination of crystallinity and cellulose content in plant fibres.
Anders Thygesen, Jette Oddershede, Hans Lilholt, Anne Belinda Thomsen and Kenny Ståhl.
Cellulose 12(6) (2005), 563-576.

Ammonium [1-hydroxy-1-phosphono-2-(pyridinum-3-yl)ethyl]phosphonate dihydrate and
potassium [1-hydroxy-1-phosphono-2-(pyridinum-3-yl)ethyl]phosphonate dihydrate.
Kenny Stahl, Jette Oddershede, Herbert Preikschat, Erik Fischer and Jacob S. Bennekou.
Acta Cryst. C62 (2006), m112-m115. get article

Bulk characterization of multiwall carbon nanotubes.
Jette Oddershede and Kenny Ståhl.
Proceedings of EPDIC-9, Prague 2004. Z. Kristallogr. Suppl. 23 (2006), 325-330.

Using X-ray Powder Diffraction and Principal Component Analysis to Determine Structural Properties for Bulk Samples of Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes.
Jette Oddershede, Kurt Nielsen and Kenny Ståhl.
Z. Kristallogr. 222(3-4) (2007), 186-192.