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    Raman Spectroscopy

    Rolf W. Berg, associate professor

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    Raman spectroscopy is a universal analytical technique for identification of molecules in gases, liquids and solids by scattering of laser light. The institute has recently obtained a new confocal Raman instrument associated with a microscope and fiber optics. With this instrument the Raman spectrum of a sample can be obtained within a volume of 1 x 1 x 2 micrometer. A complete Raman map of a sample can be made. To see an example, click here or here.

    This instrument is being used for experimental studies in a number of different research fields each of which is open for student participation. The investigations cover analyses of the following fields:

    • Analysis of Fuels (oil and natural gas)
    • Fuel Cells & Battery Research and Development
    • Electrolytical Deposition of Metals and Alloys onto Steel
    • Characterization of Ceramics and Concrete
    • Development of Lubricants
    • Catalysis
    • Corrosion
    • Optical Elements (lamps, phosphors, displays, smart windows etc.)
    • High Pressure Research
    • Rare Earth Element Uses
    • Molten Salt Chemistry
    • Food Chemistry
    • Analytical Chemistry in Chemical Production and Pharmacy
    • Forensic Analysis, Characterization of Explosives, etc.
    • Evaluation of Relations between Spectra and Molecular Structure
    • Phase Diagrams

    List of our Raman publications

    Examples of student projects:

    Links: EUCHEM 2000 Conference: Proceedings, frontpage, index, order, mail-order.

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