Macrocyclic Ligands and Their Coordination Compounds.

  • Søtofte, Inger lektor.
    1. Project Description

      Bioinorganic chemistry (or biocoordination chemistry) is a rapidly growing field, which can be divided into studies of the native systems and the study of model systems. The project includes solely model systems, and the purpose is to synthesize macrocyclic coordination coompounds followed up by investigations of the reactivity of these compounds with a special reference to reactions, which can elucidiate the relationships within the analogous native existing compounds (enzymes). A detailed knowledge of the structure of the compounds is necessary for this purpose. The project consists of two parts:

        a. Tetrahedral coordinated bi- and tricyclic ligands and
        b. Bis- and trismacrocyclic ligands.

      Figure b. Figure a.

      Special designed macrocyclic ligands have been synthesized and their structures have been examined. The research takes place in cooperation with chemists at the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University.

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